Bonus plugin Licenses

As part of our extended packs, you can get additional bonus plugins. These plugins are provided as is, you can use them but can’t resell them or give them to other users.


Currently, we provide license in Beta testing. It will work for only 4 months so you can test it and provide us a report if there is incompatibility with Greenshift.

How to get license

1. Redeem the license

Go to this page:

Use this license code:

Only buyers with All in One and Woocommerce plans can see license code

And fill the form with your email, name and last name. You’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to reset your password (the username is the provided email). If you see login screen, then click on reset password and follow the instructions

2. Download the plugin

Go to your dashboard here:

Log in with your newly created credentials and then download the latest versions of ACPT (you can download the last 7 releases).

3. Install the plugin

Install the plugin by uploading the .zip file in Plugins – Add New.

The DEV license has a validity of 4 months after the first activation.