Enable overrides for GS blocks in synched patterns

in progress
April 29, 2024

Overrides, also known as partially synched patterns, also known as components, allow you to edit the content of specific blocks in a synched pattern, while keeping everything else in sync.

This feature should have been in WP 6.5, but has been pushed to version 6.6.

However, it IS already available in the Gutenberg plugin, but not for GS blocks, only for core blocks. I would love to be able to use this feature for GS blocks as well already.

3 responses to “Enable overrides for GS blocks in synched patterns”

  1. Balazs Stotz Avatar
    Balazs Stotz

    I agree, it would be very useful if the GS blocks were prepared for this feature, so that it could be used with the Gutenberg plugin, and as soon as WP 6.6 is released, it can be used with it!

  2. GreenshiftWP Avatar

    In current point WP enabled this feature on testing mode and only for paragraph, image, heading and button blocks. Once it will be opened for other blocks, we will register them

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