Map listing

April 29, 2024

A Map Listing block is needed to create a list of company branches, contact pages, and location lists. Block Maps is currently not functional. What do you think about this?

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  1. Balazs Stotz Avatar
    Balazs Stotz

    I totally agree! It would be super useful (in sync with the filter block and possibly the dynamic map block)

  2. dobimarketing@gmail.com Avatar

    Yes. I was pleasantly surprised by the high demand for this feature. I am confident that it will be available in the near future.

  3. Jedigital Avatar

    IMO no need for a new block to do this. Just need to update the dinamyc map block to be able to sync with query and repater blocks, and the filter block (that is supposed to be under construction) as well.
    If the guys could do it like this, it would be really fantastic and it would really expand the possibilities of GS.

    1. Balazs Stotz Avatar
      Balazs Stotz

      I agree, that’s what I thought, I just didn’t explain it enough. It would be fantastic this way!

    2. walacky Avatar

      +1 for this approach. This would be really super cool and easy to use, and no new block would be needed (apart from the filter block).
      I hope it will be implemented!

  4. dobimarketing@gmail.com Avatar

    A good idea. It will become more streamlined. But there may be technical and loading speed issues. I think the development team will have the optimal solution. The other blocks they did very well.

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