Query Loop Builder – Extra Filter panel – settings for Filtering buttons

June 18, 2024

Please, add more styling settings to Filtering buttons.
Currently available 3 colors, and Caps Lock.


Please, add text styling,
Left – Center- Right alignment,
Horizontal and Vertical gaps between Filtering buttons.
Desktop – Tablet – Mobile.

Another suggestion – to place the Filtering buttons on the sides of Filtered content, if possible.
Top (over Filtered content), Bottom (under Filtered content).


I would like to have Filtering buttons under the Filtered content.
Desktop – Tablet – Mobile settings for Filtering buttons placement.

Maybe on the Left – Right, if possible.

One response to “Query Loop Builder – Extra Filter panel – settings for Filtering buttons”

  1. Dmitry Avatar

    The heading of the Loop has z-index,
    It causes heading to be over the menu dropdown:

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